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Cool Phone Call Tonight: Somerset Hills Handyman Looking for the Roxiticus Desperate Housewife

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Rex and I spent a long cold day in New York City today.  It was about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, headed to 4 below zero, with a dusting of snow on the ground.  There was a plane crash and an amazing rescue (all 155 survived) on the Hudson River on our way home on the train through Hoboken.  When we arrived home, Rex grilled salmon (out on our deck in the snow!) for dinner, while I checked voice mail messages.  Usually I’m the one making the phone calls:  “I’m looking for a cake lady for London’s birthday party… do you have a table for four at the Limestone Cafe for Maddie’s birthday dinner… can you fix my leaking _____?”  Every now and then, I get the kind of call that makes me tingle, feel good all over.

Hey, this is Shep Greene, the Somerset Hills Handyman.  I’m looking for the Roxiticus Desperate Housewife?  I just wanted to thank you for the referrals I’ve received from your web site.”  As it goes with many of the recommendations I post on my web sites, I never had the chance to tell Shep about the site, and really just wanted to be helpful to any of my neighbors in Somerset County or Morris County, NJ, who might be looking for a reliable local handyman.

About two years ago, Rex and I had a laundry list of things we needed to get done around the house and the yard… shelving in the barn, a gate falling off its hinges, hanging my punching bag in our basement gym, an electronic garage door that wouldn’t open and close, some minor repairs to London and Maddie’s outdoor play structure, a little drilling here, a little hammering there.  I think we found Shep Greene, the Somerset Hills Handyman, through our fabulous Bernardsville realtor, Ann Tannen, who spent two years helping us to find the perfect home in the Roxiticus Valley when we left New York City in 2003.  He had also done some work (see photo) for one of our neighbors down the road.  Shep came out and gave us a fair price on the labor and materials for everything on our list, and he and his team got the job done quickly and reliably. 

Call Shep Greene, the Somerset Hills Handyman, 60 Cherry Lane, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920.  Phone: (908) 766-3618.  And be sure to tell Shep that Roxy sent you… he’ll get the job done for you, and I like to get his cheerful phone calls!


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